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Clement C. P. Chang, Founder of Tamkang University

Clement C. P. Chang
Founder, Tamkang University

Message from the Founder :
Toward the Fifth Wave of Tamkang University

The rapid expansion of today’s higher education has promoted the development of freedom of education and equal education.  This tendency, consequentially, has transformed higher education, which originally cultivates the elite, into a universal education, and, accordingly, all of the universities no longer regard the cultivation of the elite as a goal of education.  Instead, they have to respond more actively to the demand of the general public in this plural society.  Therefore, a university must first of all understand its own historical legacy, cultural heritage and mission, and, moreover, what is the vision of its future development?  With its four campuses, including Tamsui Campus, Taipei Campus, Lanyang Campus, and Cyber Campus, Tamkang University in a span of fifty-nine years has undergone four waves of major development--i.e. the Foundation Period, the Positioning Period, the Uplifting Period, and the Transformation Period. Within these four periods, Tamkang has developed from a regional junior college into the best comprehensive private university in Taiwan.  The future development toward the Fifth Wave will shape Tamkang into a world topnotch university that has lofty ideal and innovation and one that cultivates for the nation talents who are equipped with not only professional experts but also the Five Disciplines of Education, including conduct, intelligence, physical education, teamwork, and beauty, plus “Excellence With a Soul.” Only by means of continuously surpassing itself can Tamkang build a better created future.

American educator, Barbara Miller, has pointed out that a topnotch university in the insistence of its mission and the accomplishment of its vision all need the cooperation of its administrative team, and accurately grasp as well as endeavor to carry out its dynamic strategies and governance models of the university development.  As a matter of fact, Tamkang has been well equipped with the above-mentioned major requirements needed to become a topnotch global university.  In one great university with four distinct campuses, we have a strong administrative team, which is actively utilizing its dynamic strategies and the four governance models of the Collegial Model, the Bureaucratic Model, the Political Model, and the Market Model.  Moreover, the educational ideology of the “Three Circles and Five Disciplines of Education,” which was formed from “Professional Curriculum,” “Core Curriculum,” and “Extracurricular Curriculum,” has forged Tamkang students--under the cultivation of Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education--into Tamkangians that are well equipped with the Five Disciplines of Education as well as “Excellence With a Soul”, thus becoming the pillar of the society as well as the nation.  Currently, the higher education situation of Tamkang University is comparable to the critical Epoch of the Spring and Autumn and to the Period of the Warring States in ancient China, being faced with a very keen competition.  Although Tamkang, as Burton Clark ever emphasized, already possesses a strong administrative team that is capable of integrating both the internal and the external resources, and although it has won the positive recognition from the society due to its incessantly surpassing itself, yet because of the “Matthew Effect,” the strong becomes stronger, resulting in the fact that nowadays the topnotch universities around the world can continuously maintain their reputation, and enjoy the absolute supremacy with respect to educational resources, thus incessantly widening the gap with other universities.  Clark Kerr in his fifth edition of The Uses of the University warns that in the sly Age of Fox with hyper transformation, universities must be able to uphold their educational core values, glorify their excellent tradition and cultural heritage, recognize the opportunity brought about by the environments, aptly adjust themselves to the transformation of the environments, and develop their unique characters; then, they will be the winners of the global competition.  Therefore, Tamkang University must not be over complacent of its present situation; instead, it must perceive and act toward the trends of the development of world higher education.  With the spirit of “Simplicity, Truthfulness, Firmness, and Perseverance,” we must promote the inner meaning of “Tamkang Culture” and shape the unique features of Tamkang University, so that every Tamkangian can “establish a firm foothold at Tamkang University, hold the whole world in view, grasp the latest information, and create a brighter future.”  All Tamkang faculty, staff, and students must redouble their efforts and march forward unwaveringly and firmly toward the Fifth Wave.


Clement C. P. Chang
Founder, Tamkang University