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Flora Chia-I Chang, Ed.D.President, Tamkang University

Flora Chia-I Chang, Ed.D.
President, Tamkang University

Message from the President

Diversity in Unity, One Great University,
Infinite Possibilities: Pursuing Excellence
Proceeding to a Top Quality Comprehensive University

Founded in 1950, Tamkang University is the oldest private university in Taiwan. It has gone through a series of carefully-planned stages, an incessant progress and innovative breakthroughs to become an internationally recognized comprehensive university. Renowned for its active research activities and academic excellence, the University now consists of 4 campuses, 11 colleges, 17 doctoral programs, 50 graduate programs and 50 departments, with a total of more than 28,000 students.

Tamkang University vows to construct itself into a top quality institution in higher education, carrying out the University's educational ideals regarding its mission, vision, values, strategies and governance. The first three of these five aspects consolidate and form Tamkang's overall goals and mission: carrying on the heritage and paving the way for the future, establishing a new culture for society and nurturing talents with great souls.  It cherishes a vision--of “promoting the educational ideals of private schooling and creating an exquisite and prominent academic kingdom"--accompanied by a pursuit of simplicity, truthfulness, firmness, perseverance by way of a holistic education, academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

During the course of its development, the University has adopted six management strategies, including: 1. sketching a wave-by-wave development blueprint and building up the four campuses; 2. realizing the Three Circles and Five Disciplines of Education and nurturing great talents; 3. implementing the Triple Objectives and creating an academic kingdom; 4. setting up the Sigmoid Curve and activating the Second Curve; 5. promoting the Matthew Effect and vying for social resources; 6. fully utilizing the Blue Ocean Strategy and generating competitive advantages. With regard to the governance of the University, four major principles are applied; that is, one strong leadership system, four management models, total quality management, and organizational revitalization. All these goals cannot be achieved, nor a sustainable campus be created, without the efforts and participation of all faculty, staff and students of Tamkang University.

In the early 21st century, the roles and functions of higher learning are faced with the following challenges: the expansion of adult education, the fast change in information technology, the adjustment of departments and graduate institutes in response to the new trends, and the need for closer partnership between enterprises and universities. In 2005, Tamkang won the first place in the 2003-2004 University Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, in the 2009 "Top 1,000 Enterprises' Favorite College Graduates" survey, conducted by Cheers business magazine, Tamkang also ranked first among all private universities in Taiwan, an honor it has won for twelve consecutive years. Tamkang University will always remain sensitive to the social needs and international academic trends. While marching toward the Fifth Wave, Tamkang University will adhere to the spirit of "the Overcoming Difficulty Slope" in further creating the Lanyang Campus on the Linmei Mountain as a land of opportunity.  It will continue to be dedicated to the pursuit of high quality in the areas of teaching, academic research, administration, and services. Stepping forward on its way to becoming a top quality comprehensive university, Tamkang University strives to nurture talents with great souls and sustain its academic reputation and educational excellence.


Flora Chia-I Chang, Ed. D