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Ms. Polly S. Chang

Ms. Polly S. Chang Chairperson,
Board of Trustees

The greatest assets of Tamkang University lie not in the campus grounds, buildings, and costly books and facilities, but in the trustees of the Board who are wholehearted in their dedication to school administration; the devoted members of the staff and faculty who share not only the sweet but the bitter of school operations and instruction; the numerous alumni at home and overseas who are striving to promote Chinese culture and undertaking the great task of "constructing the Republic and thus forming the great Commonwealth", and, last but not least, all the students who are absorbed in academic research.

Board of Trustees

picture of trustees
(From left to right: Hong-shang Hong, Yea-hong Chen, Steve Lee, Gregory K. H. Wang, Polly S. Chang, Charles C. Lin, John C. H. Yang, Kun-yen Lee, Henry Y.T. Liao)


James H. Chow